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04-07-2012, 09:08 PM
teh gallys!!1
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well, seeing how he's 35 and was able to play every game which few other old farts do. if he can stay as healthy, even if he slows down, he should be able to contribute almost a much. earlier this year, we were hoping/doubting he could replicate the season before of like 26-26. so realistically, i'm hoping he can just repeat 2 seasons ago. this season was delicious, salty and fattening gravy, i wouldn't fully expect, nor demand that from him. but i won't rule it out, and i hope he can do it again! he played a long time in carolina with some of the same guys, then didn't have success his year away. i think he feels rejuvinated having chemistry and success with new linemates, when maybe there were doubts, in hockey circles and possibly within. he must feel encouraged and eager. and he's a great 'big brother' to 67. this outlook along with everything else that is erik cole, can only do good. he plays pretty hard and gets knocked around though, i hope it doesn't toll on him quickly. he seems to be a player that ages well.

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