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04-08-2012, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
Lundqvist pissed away the ****ing Presidents' Trophy and the Vezina Trophy in one day. An epic fail by him. When he sucks, he's one of the worst goalies I've ever seen. I really thought he turned the corner this year. Instead he's the same inconsistent goalie I've seen since he started playing for the team. The most talented and technically sound goalie in the game who's a ****ing mental midget that can't keep up a high level all year. I repeat 4 goals on 17 ****ing shots. You can stick a cardboard cutout of a goalie out there and get better results. And the rest of the team makes another ****** goalie look good. This team is a mirror image of the 2008 Giants. Best team in the league all year, lose 3 of 4, except for the clinching game. I won't be shocked if we get swept by a far more talented team that has a goalie that has actually stolen a series once.
Wow. Seriously. Just stop posting. Just stop.

You have no faith whatsoever. Don't you dare celebrate when this team wins.

You don't think this is going to piss the team off? I think some very effective and positive events can take place due to this.

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