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04-07-2012, 11:42 PM
All bets are off
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Do you guys think Joe will be fired? 3 years under his belt with no playoffs and whatnot.

Reading Mike Heika's blog and there is one post i wanted to post here.

Posters post

I might be completely alone in this opinion but I have not liked the Joe hire since it happened. This franchise has relied too heavily on nostalgia and ghosts from their many successful seasons in Dallas in the 90s. From letting Hull do whatever he want and then be co-GM and sign Avery to letting Joe be a GM after having zero experience and knowing the constraints financially of this team moving forward.

I have not liked one move GM Joe has made since he first took over control. First letting Tippett walk because his message had been lost by the players in the locker room. In a situation like this you should assess what really is the problem, is it the veterans or the coach. In this instance, the players were clearly the ones at fault. Joe's loyalty burned him that season with players like Modano, Turco, and Morrow being the one problems and not Tip's coaching. Hindsight is a luxury to those following sports but look what has happened since, Turco and Morrow were allowed to walk after that first season and Tip has since taken a franchise in the same financial state as the Stars to the playoffs now three times as the Stars have missed the playoffs all four years.

To me, that is the most telling statistic, the GM of the coyotes is just as financially handcuffed as Joe yet has found ways to make it work. Joe has had 3 years to make something work, to do something to show the fans he is capable of making good tough decisions. Letting Turco and Modano walk at that point in their careers was a tough but smart move, however it should have been done prior to letting Tippett walk and bringing in Crawford, his inability to assess the real problem in the locker room has doomed this team.

Looking over all of Joe's decisions as a GM, the failures stick out as overwhelming and possibly crippling this team for years to come.

First - Tippett being let go to Crawford as previously stated
Second - Not getting something, ANYTHING, for Richards before he left
Third - Trading Neal for a high risk D-man that you had hoped would be a Zubov replacement, that doesn't look like its going to ever happen and Neal is now hitting his prime
Fourth - Hiring an inexperienced (cheap) coach in Gully instead of taking on a veteran coach that wouldn't get out-changed line-wise at home on a consistent basis. Especially with what the Blues have done under Hitch who basically would have killed to come back to Dallas.
Fifth - Another trade deadline coming and going without doing anything substantial to try to add or remove for the future
Sixth - Getting very little for Grossman, if he was worth 3.5M a year to the Flyers for the next four years like he thought he might be on the open market then a 2nd and 3rd rounder is not even close to a good deal. Especially with the history of drafting for this franchise, you basically gave away an asset and got fleeced by an experienced GM
Seventh - Burning a year of Riley Smith's contract eligibility. This is something that was again high-risk high-reward. And in a case like this, you have to have the power to tell the rookie coach that he is going to be an everyday player, no matter what happens.

All in all, I hope Gaglardi makes a move to let Joe look for a job in a different market and brings in a veteran GM who knows how to build around what is here, make tough decisions on coaching, trade veteran players that might still have value but have run their course in Dallas, and change the culture in the locker room. Right now, when this team hits a rough patch, the leaders in the room are the same guys who have missed the playoffs for the past 4 seasons, and that type of mentality plants doubt and failure as a way of life.

If Gaglardi thought attendance was bad this year when he bought the team, wait until next year after four straight seasons of missing the playoffs and if Joe is allowed to stay, Gully is allowed to stay, and the same core is brought back in tact.

Here's a couple more glaring mistakes that Nieuwy has made:

1) drafting Cambpell over the top ranked Dmen in the 2010 especially Cam Fowler. Fowler was considered by most to be the #1 defenseman in the WHOLE DRAFT and he unexpectedly fell to Nieuwy. Fowler, who went straight to the NHL, would have helped fill a void and would have rendered the Neal/Goligoski trade unnecessary. Plus, the vast majority of goalies taken in the top 10 over the past decade+ have not lived up to their promise (busts). Campbell has struggled, for the most part, since being drafted and even had to have a sports psychologist at one point!

2) Trading for Langenbrunner last year. I love Jamie, but at his age and declining stage of career, he was not worth a 3rd (potential 2nd round) draft pick.

3) Drafting Glennie #8 overall in 2009. Glennie is the ONLY draftee among the top 18 that year who has NOT yet played in the NHL (until tonight) and he is among only 4 of the 30 1st round players who have not made the NHL yet. Maybe Glennie turns out just fine (let's hope so), but the slow development is not a good sign.

I could probably think of several more questionable moves or outright mistakes. To be fair, Nieuwy has made a few good moves such as:

1) In retropsect, the trade for Lehtonen seems to have been a steal.

2) He has made some decent undrafted FA signings in Fraser and Dillon.
He does make a good point

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