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11-19-2003, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by anon
Damn, I wish we signed Wiemer.
I'm with you on this. But the problem comes down to money, I think: if Montreal picks up a $1.6M Wiemer, that leaves another vet to the pressbox at a high salary. If Montreal's going to pick up a Wiemer-like player, they'd need to shed a veteran in the process.

Originally Posted by Nash13
Another great post Mike. I see you are warming up to the idea of Bulis on the top two lines .

Isn't it odd, something members of this board have talked about since camp, and especially since Koivu came back, was finally used by Julien. Ryder on the first line wasn't rocket science, but I can't believe it took this long.
I'm warming up to Bulis on the second line because I'm starting to believe your idea that Bulis is being wasted alongside Juneau and Dackell. Neither of them can create any offense nor can they get to the slot. Bulis was far more dangerous offensively playing with a motivated Sundstrom even. He just needs some players to feed off of offensively if he's ever going to develop some offensive upside.

Also when watching Ribeiro's line, everyone keys in on him. The line lacks energy, defensive awareness, size along the boards, and speed. Plug two big wingers who are strong along the boards, one who's filled with energy, the other who brings some good raw talent, and there's some room for success. It would also give a lot more room for Ribeiro to move, which he hasn't been able to do of late.

Originally Posted by Muchausen
I agree with you Mike8. But aside from Koivu and Zednik, do we have quality vets to develop the youngsters up front? A case could be made for Juneau to some extent as Bulis came into his own alongside him, but Audette? Perreault? Sundstrom? Dackell? Meh... Not for it. Those are not guys I would like to transmit anything to our youngsters (I had a dream: Mike Grier).

I like your 2nd line idea.


Zednik - Koivu - Ryder
Bulis - Ribeiro - Hossa
Kilger - Juneau - Dackell
Langdon - Begin - Sundstrom

Works for me...
You know I completely agree with you regarding Grier. I don't agree regarding Juneau, however. He just doesn't bring *anything* offensively. Sure he's got some vision, and we see glimpses of his past flair when he's got open ice (see: 4 on 4), but on even strength he's way too easily held to the perimeter and he lacks any jump or feistiness needed that can get a youngster rolling and feeling confident.

I would say that Sundstrom would have success playing with a young line. I just think he needs to play with talented players in order to succeed. When he played with Bulis on the third line, I thought he looked very strong. When Sundstrom's on his game, he's the most intelligent player Montreal has in terms of hockey sense. He's very strong in the neutral zone and causes a lot of turnovers. I still feel he's being wasted here.

Sundstrom looked good next to Higgins in their short stint alongside eachother, and I believe they play a similar game in a lot of ways. In that they're both extremely intelligent players with great hockey sense, dedication to all three zones, strong along the boards, with offensive upside. They may look good paired up in the future, perhaps with Plekanec in between.

Unless Kilger starts playing a meaner, more dedicated brand of hockey I'd say he's useless. But I wouldn't mind trying him out on the third line. Sundstrom on the fourth line is a waste, in my opinion. Would rather see Dwyer or Gratton there. Someone to bring some energy.

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