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Originally Posted by Frozen Failure View Post
Joe will most certainly not be fired. Short of blowing up the team completely, he has done a pretty decent job of keeping the team somewhat competitive. More competitive than the abysmal Phoenix Coyotes teams of the past decade. He brought in Kari, Ryder, gave Larsen and Vincour their chances to stick, and has drafted pretty well outside of the big question marks in Glennie, Campbell and Oleksiak.

Next year, I hope we will see Joe put together a team that will be able to compete and succeed. With the veterans we have, we won't. With Gully, we might not, but that remains to be seen. We don't know what kind of social dynamics go on in the locker room. Maybe the old guard needs to be fractured and re-integrated. Maybe we need to put the leadership in the locker room onto someone who will keep things realistically optimistic and not be the guy who creates a divide between management and the other players. Maybe we just need to round out the roster with guys who are capable hockey players to compliment our slowly deteriorating veteran complement?

We need to find a coach with more oomph and a roster with more reliable talent that comes out to play hockey. I hope Gaglardi gives Joe a leash next year, but GMJN needs to go out and right the ship.
Oleksiak is a question mark? I'm sorry I don't follow the prospects too hard, was he not who we should have drafted?

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