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04-08-2012, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by RH63 View Post
Meh, how we get into the playoffs really isn't all that important.

It's what we do in the playoffs that really matters.
Momentum matters a little bit quite frankly. Two playoff appearances and both of which the Kings get steamrolled.

Couple things we do have going for us though in the playoffs.

1. Sutter is our HC and will actually motivate the troops and doesn't put up with any BS. I also want to add that Sutter does make adjustments. Something Murray never did.

2. Kings are more aggressive, this hurt us versus SJ since the sharks are the best counter attack team in the NHL. I think an agressive approach vs Vancouver will work. The Bruins beat them By being agressive.

3. New additions in Carter and Richards. They have a ton of experience in these situations. That will help.

Most importantly though, Quick is going to have to show up or we got no chance. How he does could determine his future in LA.

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