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Originally Posted by Krotak View Post
Well, it's not even funny. Without these "KHL stars" Slovakia won two tourneys through the season. We lost twice to Denmark, we lost to Belarus and almost lost to Austria with them.

Now I'm sure, honesty is the most important factor Slovak NT is missing. We can't win anything, if the "leader" of our team is Martin Cibák. He's a career 4th liner. He has no skills, no creativity... 5 years ago he was quite good defensive center at his best. Now he's loosing almost all face-offs. When he's on the ice our opponent play almost whole shifts in our defensive zone = he's useless. The next "hero" of last two days was Richard Stehlík. I know he's 2 meters tall. However all his moves and even thinking are so slow it's painfull for a spectator. Height of Kristián Kudroč is also 2 metres, but he CAN skate.

Vujtek should be honest to these players and tell them: "sorry, youngsters are better than you."

I try to be positive. I think Juraj Mikúš proved he's a leader of this team. He has got a good chemistry with Rastislav Špirko. A big surprise was Juraj Sýkora. He showed some skiiiiiils. 10 years ago skillful wingers were the core of Slovak NT. Vujtek should get a chance on him. Milan Kytnár proved he's a good hardworking center.
Well, it´s now Vujtek´s turn to show whether he really has any power over the selection of this team...

As far as deffense goes Vujtek kinda seems to like them big and erm useless, looking at the current roster and considering that another one has been called up in Mihálik.

Mikúš has been proving it the whole season, yet once the pre-WC games started he was stuck on the 3rd line?! Okay, they got move up to the 2nd line for the other game, but it still says. And it´s Cibák and Bližňák who got to play first two Cs over him? I like Bližňák, but he is a bottom 6 player. What kind of decision is it to stick your only C who has at least heard about creativity on the 3rd line?

Another huge disappointment was Ružička, I kinda got used to the fact that he pulls a Hudini once the WC starts, but he forgot to show up before the WC this time too.

Certian gentlemen obviously seem to believe that they have places secured on the NT, if Vujtek had any guts he should have sent at least one of them home coughCibákcough to show the others that the have to fight for their places and if they still continued to play like this, he should send even more of them home. It would also send a message to the youngsters that they actually have some chance to make it to the big show, because if Vujtek continues with the KHL "stars", even though it wasn´t them who showed up throughout the season, I´d tell Vujtek/Sykora to go screw themselves if I were a young player. Because if it continues this way than I´m done with this team, I´ve had enough since the 2008 WC. But the fact that neither Cbák nor Stehlík weren´t sent packing home yet is hardly a good sign.

As for Sýkora, I liked the way he played (even though he was kinda selfish at times), but it´s hardly such a huge surprise for anyone who´s seen him play in Banská Bystrica. Kytnár surprised me more as the only time I have seen him play was 2009 WJC...

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