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Originally Posted by Boco View Post
True but watching a whole line become ineffective because the center can't do anything is too painful.
Which line is struggling because their center can't do anything? The Horcoff line has been struggling because Horcoff/Smyth/Jones/Belanger have been a pile of suck since late November, not just Horcoff and Belanger. The second line has been inconsistent when Hall was out, but that's not only Gagner's fault, its also because Hemsky had the worst year of his career and for some stupid reason Smyth kept getting time there when he was playing like a ball of suck. The blame isn't only to go to the centers for our lack of production, its our forward depth in general after the three kids. Jones should be playing 3rd/4th line. Smyth should retire. Horcoff and/or Belanger should be 4th line, the other as our 13th forward (or gone). And we need to find another top six forward, or at least a guy who can fill in as one when we need him to, and that isn't Jones, and it isn't Smyth. And Hemsky needs to play consistently or pack his bags. My point is that it wasn't JUST the centers, it was our veteran forwards in general.

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