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04-08-2012, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
On another note, I know it's 2 games and all, but damn I like how the Pirates staff is looking so far.

Bedard had a great first outing, should be a major inning eater if he can stay healthy and will give the Bucos a chance to win more often then not.
Karstens yesterday looked like he did last year, it's a good thing.
McDonald's been decent the past couple years, good #4 guy.
Correia won't kill the team as a #5, and I honestly still think Lincoln could be a good pitcher here eventually, whether he's used mostly in the pen or as the #5.

And let's not forget that they have a couple guys that should be top half of the rotation pretty easily in Burnett and Morton that are on the DL right now. Both of them look like they should be back in the thick of things soon.

Yep, I still believe in >.500 ball in Pittsburgh.
Karstens looked very good yesterday, and Bedard was awesome on opening day. I'm willing to let the lack of offense slide given that we faced Halladay and Lee and still came out of it 1-1, but I'd like to see a good bit more against Worley today. I really like the additions of Barajas and Barmes to the lineup. They add veteran stability and Barmes isn't Cedeno which is all I care about. We also really need Alvarez to wake up and start hitting like he can, he seems to be quickly becoming a big headcase.

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