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04-08-2012, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Sh0otnSc0re View Post
Too many variables. I don't think trading Cole is the answer. I think we need one, maybe two bats.

Let's face it, Galvis' is ready defensively, but not offensively. The question is, will keeping him in the majors have a negative effect on his developmental process in the hitting aspect? Will him being over-matched, have a negative effect long term? His defensive is actually better then I've thought.

Also you have to ask yourself, is there that actual upgrade out there at one of the three positions we need. Weather it be 1B/2B/LF. I personally like Mayberry, and am willing to give him time to show he belongs. But then you have to ask yourself, what do you have left to deal?

Brown? How much value does he actually hold right now? Would it be smarter to keep him?
Galvis? Could you include him in a deal or would it be safer to keep him?
Blanton? Would anyone want him?

I'm not too familiar with the Phillies prospects, I've been trying to get more into them but I'm much more familiar with other teams prospects, mainly the top 100 in the league which is due to fantasy baseball.
I believe the Phillies have the 25th ranked Farm team according to baseball america. Most of their talent is in the lower levels.

I to like Mayberry too, and think he should be given a shot to play everyday. I also would like Brown up here sooner than later, because when he was sent down when Pence arrived he hitting well and getting on base during the month of July. I dont think anybody wants Blanton, but who knows. I think this is the final year of his contract.

But the Phillies need to ask themselves this, are we going to resign Cole?
If based on the recent Matt Cain contract and the fact that Cole now is prize Free Agent, I think the answer is no. So if that is the case, then they have to ask themselves a second question, is what we can get for Cole now more than two first round picks if he were to sign with another team. They have a tough decision to make coming up.

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