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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
One would just have to accept the CEO's words of optimism after so long a silence as being genuine. He could just as easily have kept stum, nothing to be gained in floating false hope...
That indeed. I can't help thinking that IF there were no hope, what would be the point of Nealy's statements about it? IF there were no hope, why not say nothing? If everyone is already expecting the team to move, just keep mum and let it play out. But to make statements about the team staying if in fact they are leaving, that is just cruel. As ruthless a businessman Bettman may be, I'd like to think that it doesn't go so far as to be cruel. Not saying anything until after the playoffs in order to sell tickets and maximize revenue is a completely legit business strategy, and I completely understand doing that. But sending out little messages of hope only to later announce that the team is moving would be unconscionable - it would likely kill any chances the NHL has of keeping Phoenix fans interested in the game at that level.

I've heard the same thing from three different people - Nealy, Jim Treliving, and the guy on the last week. They all say exactly the same thing. Maybe it's the party line, maybe not. Time will tell. It's just so interesting with the tea leaves, the cloak and dagger stuff, etc. The evidence is something like:

Proof they are staying:
Bettmann says no plan B
guy on says they're staying (Shannon, I think?)
Daly says they are still working to keep them here
Nealy says they're staying
Treliving says they're staying
Doan says everyone in the locker room confident they're staying

Proof that they are going to QC:
QC is building an arena
QC planning for season ticket sales already
QC planning logo design for jerseys
Mayor Scruggs video - she mad
Liebermann video - he mad (and crazy, but I don't know if the QC contingent is aware of that)
bunch of Glendale council people are out of here come November

So either the plot is way, way nefarious and all of the people on the top list are just covering up for the hidden double-secret plan to move the team, or that really is the plan at this particular moment.

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