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04-08-2012, 11:10 AM
Joe Lamb
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[QUOTE=Kjell Dahlin;47551973]"Politics" has nothing to do with it.

Politics had everything to do with it .

You make a coaching change, the start of the turmoil.Players become anxious of where they fit in the new regieme.Add to that a rookie NHL coach which creates other questions in players' minds.Throw in that some players have played for the new coach in the AHL - Will he prefer them? Set it all on fire with the language issue. The players try to focus on hockey but suddenly they are under the microscope .The media ramp up the coverage , ask difficult questions.The players try not to pay attention to the media but their families do.They hear ,read, and see the extremes - it worries them.The tension increases , the team flounders and loses more than they win.The trade deadline approaches , lots of rumors .The spiral down continues to swirl until the point of no return.

Making Scotty Bowman the head coach might not have prevented this.
In Quebec , the language issue is a constant , you are used to it . In ROC , it makes us uncomfortable and uneasy.For players from the rest of the world , they just don't understand and that also makes them (and their families ) uneasy.

Just my reflective thoughts.

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