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11-19-2003, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd
i only posted this because tanguay has been the trade bait for a year in every colorado trade rumor and that lang has been mentioned in this cujo scenario before. AND now they are leading the nhl in points. i thought it was a hoot.
some of you just can't see the irony. its ok. i also have to remind myself that robert lang could lead the nhl in scoring this year and still not be worth more than a 4th round draft pick. thats my fault. i should know better.

by the way...who realistically thinks that either tanguay or lang will be in the top 5 by end of season?
The way Tanguay's playing right now, anything's possible.

He looks to be stronger at both ends of the ice, and is finally coming into his own. Whereas last season a lot of stray second assists fell in his lap, this year he's creating his own space and taking full advantage of it. Because of that, he's worth a helluvalot more now than he was last season when you saw him in all those rumors.

I don't fully expect him to be tops in scoring when the year's done, but this "streak" is starting to look more like the shaping of that great player that he was expected to be for the past few seasons. If Tanguay's dealt at this point, then you better start talking something of higher value than Cujo or Lang--as both have 10 years on Tanguay and scary long term commitments.

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