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04-08-2012, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Sh0otnSc0re View Post
Sounds about right. It doesn't shock me either.

I agree with that as well. Brown can't field his way out of a paper bag, and it's rather sad and hard to watch. How can you justify playing someone like him in the field, when that's his weakness? I doubt anyone would take Blanton, it's just another "possible" albeit massive contract to move. I think you're correct too.

I don't see why they wouldn't sign him, they talked to him a month ago and then shut down the talks. Honestly, you have to ask yourself what could they actually get for a FA-to-be Cole Hamels. Honestly, I don't see anyone paying top price for him, unless someone gets desperate, and then again I'm not sure it'll be a team with the players/picks/etc for him. I think they should keep him and attempt to resign him. Roy and Lee won't be around forever, Cole is the future.

This off season looks like it's coming down to 2/3 of:

Hunter Pence
Shane Victorino
Cole Hamels.

What way do you think they go, if it comes to this?
Im not sure what they get for him at the deadline, best case scenario is some GM sees him as an opportunity to get into the playoffs and he overpays. The only way I see the Phillies resigning Hamels is if it is before free agency. He may get the biggest free agent contract by a pitcher to date, so I think they need to lock him up now.

I think Pence will be back, not sure about Victorino. If Victorino were to walk, then they could use Mayberry in center depending on how is year went. Then have Pence and Brown fill the corners. I to dont like how Brown fields as he is very awkward to watch and is not smooth, but if the hitting doesnt start coming around and he is playing well in AAA, I think you have to consider bringing him up.

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