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Your Florida Panthers Regular Season in Review Thread

Well, here we are, April 8th, but we still have more to go.
Here, we will give our own synopsis of what we think made this team defy the doubters and the haters. I'll get started and you can pick up from there.

This has been the year of; The Rat (part 2): After every home win it seemed that more and more rats hit the ice this year, and the team looked like they enjoyed seeing them, especially Jovo.

Year of; The comeback: I specifically point to a time in February when we were giving up the first goal every game, about a minute in, but the "never say die" attitude led to some exciting wins. Also, who can forget the 3-0 comeback win against the Devils the 1st time we played them.

Year of; Holding Leads Late in Games: For the most part, we were able to hold leads late in games. When the other team pulled the goalie, the "Here we go again" thought became less and less of a thought as the season went on. We did pretty good putting teams away in that situation by actually scoring on some of the empty nets this year.

Year of; For the First Time (Since): This is my favorite one. We went against all that made us the Panthers of the last 11 years, and we broke down barriers as old as the franchise itself. I remember for the first time since 2008 we had a 4 then 5 game winning streak, for the first time we won a game in regulation that we trailed by 3 goals, for the 1st time since 2001, we beat L.A. at home, and of course, For the first time, the Florida Panthers are Southeast Division Champions!
Let's hope the magical run continues into an extended stay on the big stage.
I hope you guys have some good ones as well.

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