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04-08-2012, 11:47 AM
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BTW, prorated to 69 games Lundqvist has just about 9 shutouts. Is 1 shutout really that big of a deal? How many games did Quick have where he allowed 5 goals? At least 1 and I betting more. If he allowed 4 against the Sharks in game 81, they would have won in regulation instead of lost in a shootout and gotten the 7 seed running away. They have a better shot at St. Louis, a team that plays a similar style and has no playoff experience, than Vancouver a team that can both score and defend and was just in game 7 of the cup finals. If we're talking about shutouts let's talk about the reason their stats are identical and Quick has more shutouts. If last year Hank isn't even in the top 3 when he lead the league in shutouts, shutouts shouldn't be a deciding factor.

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