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I don't know if it's worth comparing the starting goaltenders as they are both around middle of the pack, top-tier goaltenders. We're not entirely sure Durnan's 1st AST's are legit because of the era of his career, but newspaper articles suggest he was superior to his contemporaries. I'll buy Durnan as a goaltender in similar territory with Parent. No real advantage to either team with solid starting goaltenders.

I have a quote that may be a deciding factor for why Percy LeSueur is ultimately a better backup than John Bouse Hutton.

Smith's Falls is likely the least known of the Stanley Cup finalists, but the Ottawa Silver Seven certainly took note of goaltender Lesueur. Though the Silver Seven discarded the challenge of Smith's Falls with ease, Lesueur put on a show that impressed his opponents so much that they subsequently signed him, and used him almost immediately in replacing goalie John Bouse Hutton.
Ottawa immediately named Bouse Hutton's successor LeSueur after playing against Smith Falls. The Silver Seven won the game, but they still wanted LeSueur over Bouse Hutton. I'm not sure what else that determines who is superior, but I think there's an edge for Australia in backup goaltending. But I think with no clear advantage with the two legitimate starters, the advantage for LeSueur doesn't account for too much.

if any at all, Australia holds the advantage in goaltending.

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