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04-08-2012, 02:51 PM
Joe Lamb
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[QUOTE= (I reallyI know that in the ROC, hammering on the French usually sells copies and generates "clicks" but Quebecois are, in general, open-minded; one can appreciate small gestures and little signs of respect (what Cunneyworth did was perfect imo) without being intolerant.


And this is my experience also.Although my French is much poorer than during my university days in Montreal (necessaire pour parler avec les jeunes filles la) I retain just enough to speak poorly in my field and follow Habs games on RDS.

What I was referring to was the month-long fairly constant bombardment in the english speaking media ( both Canada and US ) - all negative.Newspaper articles,
talkshows and radio sports talkshows on both sides of the border itemized every management misstep , controversial move and player weakness , repeatedly.While this is expected in the local market ,suddenly this organization was being ridiculed and mocked in every part of North America and beyond.The Montreal Canadien brand took a big hit , in my opinion , and the team has a huge obstacle to overcome which
may cost them sponsorships and sales in the future.But in the short term , the damage was to team psyche and respect.I am sure it dropped to Houle-era levels . Holding a team together during times like that are difficult,it can be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

So, what to do.The first step is to hire a team president , ASAP . Molson's work during this fiasco clearly shows he is not the man for the job. I have little respect for Boivin but he would have handled this situation much better. I know Serge Savard is a busy man , but we need you or someone of your stature . GM and coach to follow , I'm tired of rookies but character and respect are critical qualities that are needed to repair the status of this great organization.

And for Randy Cunneyworth . Good luck in future endeavours but you need a change.
Other teams have noticed what you done under these circumstances and I expect a head coaching job in the AHL or as an assistant in the NHL will be in your immediate future.I believe Cunneyworth will get another shot as head coach in the NHL but it may take a few years for it to happen.

So , with a few changes ( > 20 goal LW for Plec and Gio , 1 more physical D ) and everybody healthy we will be as Viggo said " Back next year stronger than ever ".

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