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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
It's a nice way to look at it and if that's how you wish to spin it I won't try to dampen your positive thoughts.
I have put not spin on this either way. I have stated that it was a bad trade, but simply pointed out that if things had transpired differently that we probably wouldn't be looking at the pick we have now. Something that you essentially suggested when you said that the Habs would have battled for a playoff spot with him on the squad.

But no, I think it was disastrous. It wasn't just that we dealt McD for Gomez, we went for other quick fixes and squandered trade assets to go along with it. All those guys left for nothing PLUS we gave up McD plus we drafted mid rounds and missed out on high picks. Basically we just spun our wheels for a few years and could've been that much further ahead. Not only that but players who could've been part of a good team now like (Pleks and AK) are that much older and we're only now starting to rebuild.

It's great that we're finally getting a top pick now but we could've (and should've done this) a long time ago.
I never defended the trade, so I don't understand why you feel you have to argue that it was a bad one... As I have stated several times now, I agree that it was disastrous. I'm also not arguing that a top pick years ago would have been ideal. Of course it would, that is common sense. I was mearly pointing out that if McD had been kept, the reality of the situation is that with the management and their philosophy of making the playoffs as the top priority, Montreal probably wouldn't have gotten a top pick in either this year, or the 3 years before it.

Its obvious that keeping McD was the best choice 4 years ago. They lost him for pretty much nothing. When asking my question I was assuming that the Canadiens were in the present day situation, and not some hypothetical timeline that has been constructed in hindsight.

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