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04-08-2012, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by MisterUnspoken View Post
In a short series Karlsson can be a huge advantage for the Sens especially on the PP. I don't think his point totals (28 on the PP is a lot for a D) are indicative of what 4-6 points in a 7-game series on the PP can accomplish. Plus if he is getting point on the PP it means the Sens big guns are too and that spells offensive confidence and bad news for the Rangers.

Your Senators story sounds like the Rangers in the playoffs after the lockout. Picked to finish last, made it into the playoffs against the odds.

The Rangers play playoff hockey 90% of the time but like all teams had a stinker here or there. For the most part in the playoffs of recent memory the team has really stepped it up defensively and in goal but couldn't muster the offense necessary to score. If they do score 3 goals a game in this series it will be really difficult for the Sens to win (basing this on recent playoff performances by the Rangers). If the Sens score 3 goals a game and score first, I think they take the Rangers down (hopefully not).
Paul Maclean was an assistant in Detroit and is style is very similar coaching the Sens. Dave Cameron and Mark Reeds made it to the memorial cup finals last season with reeds winning. It really seems like the Sens have been smart, conservative hockey for most of the season. I just hope we can score the first goal in every game because even though we have the most 3rd period goals for in the league Lundqvist always plays good in the playoffs.

The Sens like open, high scoring games. It's the clogged neutral zone crap the screws them up.

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