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The Habs GM game(2 teams available)

Ever said to youself
"I can do better then this GM"

Well this is your chance

The "I need somthing to do" game or better known as the Dhabs GM game

Whats a GM game?

Well its simple

-Pick a team
-Make moves
-Have fun

Show everyone your hockey knowledge
Show everyone your smooth talking ability

This is how the GM Game will work

We will start at Draft
Do the Draft
FA will after that
Then We will etheir Vote with Standings or vote by Game
Trade deadline
Draft 2013
FA 2013

Voting by Standings is this

You vote for the East and West Standings like which team is 1st place and which is last. I will count up the votes and post it

This is how voting is scored

1st place- 15 points
2nd place- 14 points
3rd place- 13 points
4th place- 12 points
5th place- 11 points
6th place- 10 points
7th place- 9 points
8th place- 8 points
9th place- 7 points
10th place- 6 points
11th place- 5 points
12th place- 4 points
13th place-3 points
14th place-2 points
15th place- 1 points

I would do 2 sets of votes one before Trade deadline and one after. I will take 2/3 of the votes from the 1st vote and 1/3 from the last vote and combine them

Or we could do Game by game vote
Game by Game
This is how that works

I would release like a 12-14 game Schedule which teams will go head on



You then votes on the team you think has a stronger roster

I would do like 6-8 gamers a day for people to vote on

Whichever way you guys like better i will do

Game rules are long so i will post the important info here


$67,300,000M is the cap

All teams MUST be under the cap at all times, any trade completed that puts a team over the cap will be vetoed.

If you'd like to place a player on waivers, post in this thread along with the player's contract information.

To save time and avoid confusion and complications, waivers will be "first come, first serve". Whoever puts in a claim first will get the player.

Teams will have 24 hours to claim a player off the wire before he clears.
All trades MUST be sent to me and my Commissioner(which will be named later on)
Any trade not sent to us will be vetoed.
Deals involving NTCs or NMCs MUST be confirmed by 2 out of 3 commissioners(Main,Co,Trade)before being announced, or it will be vetoed. Include a reason why the player will waive to be traded.
Any trade, NTC or not, announced before being sent in will be vetoed.
If a deal is vetoed, you won't be able to make the exact deal again.

The rest of the rules will e posted in the Main Thread when the game starts

If you guys have any questions post them here and i will answer them

Question and Answer

Red- Answer

So we make a team, the team is voted upon before and after trade deadline, and the winner is the person who has the most respect from his peers?

The winner is the team which everyone thinks is the best

So Are you guys Up for it?

Once we get enough GM's then We will be moving to the Mock Drafts Board

Teams To Pick From

Western Conference

Eastern Conference

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