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Originally Posted by CunniJA View Post
I've actually been very interested in handedness generally pretty much since I was a little kid and noticed on NHL 96 that the majority of the players shot lefty. Of course, I thought this was weird because the vast majority of people are right-handed.

Going into the present, I've still been fascinated with handedness, particularly as it applies to hockey, and to a lesser extent, baseball. And after researching the topic, I've come to these conclusions:

Conclusion 1. Handedness in things were you use both hands simultaneously is not cut and dry. Instead, it is a complex animal.

- How do you open a jar? How do you shoot pool? Which hand is on top when you swing a baseball bat? If you ride a bike with one hand, which hand are you more comfortable leaving on the handlebar?

All of these things use both hands at the same time and if you look at them, people do them many different ways. I hold a jar with my right hand and twist the cap with my left. I shoot pool left-handed. I bat right-handed. I'm far more comfortable guiding a bike with my left hand.

Now, I throw right-handed and write right-handed, which are the two main indicators people use for hand dominance. But, I happen to shoot right-handed in hockey, which theoretically is the wrong way. I think qmechanic is correct that a lot of ignorant adults picking up the game just say "derp, I'm right-handed, so I need a right-handed stick." And, a lot of ignorant parents whose kids want to play hockey say "derp, my kid is right-handed, so the kid needs a right-handed stick."

But I certainly picked up a stick at a young age, and right handed felt right correct to me. I think that based on shooting pool left-handed, this makes sense.

Conclusion 2. I think that a comment I saw on the internet from an old guy that runs a hockey shop said it very well: to determine what curve a kid should use, see how the kid holds a shovel. I always shovelled snow with my right hand on the bottom and my left hand on the top, and I play hockey the same way.
Very interesting post. I've never really thought about the jar and bike things, but i do both of those the same way you do. Hold jar with right hand, twist lid with left. More comfortable leaving left hand on handlebars. The throwing, writing, etc., conventional indicators i do right-handed. But i've never really taken notice of left and right handed jar opening. lol. Going to have to pay more attention to this in the future, out of curiousity.

I'm also 'right-handed' and shoot Right, which as mentioned, seems 'technically' wrong. But it's not a product of picking up the game late in life or anything. I started playing at a very young age, and my father is right-handed and shoots left, so it's not as though he was unaware of this and just bought me the wrong stick or anything.

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