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04-08-2012, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Static View Post
Wow you really are having a mini freak out over this.

All this is doing is making the game more accessible to newer players, so yes, it does create a more balanced playing field. The better players are going to win nine times out of ten despite not being able to camp at weapon hot spots anyway. Frankly, removing that annoying occurrence is going to be nice as well.
The better player should win every single time, they should not be punished for taking the time of knowing how mechanics work and the knowledge of weapons/map.

And no it is not balance.. adding random drops is not balanced, if a team is winning 49-46 and rockets randomly spawn by the losing team and they win because of it, that is not balance that is complete random luck and the better team lost because of it.

They say that this should help newer players and thats why they did it yet they go around and do the opposite add spartan points to buy perks or whatever so it makes no sense

If you think people camp at weapon spots at high level, even average level then I dont really know what to say. Theres a difference between camping and controlling the map

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