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04-08-2012, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by SilverHaireDevil View Post
This conversation reminds me of the sex education scene from the meaning of life, where John Cleese asks the class how they would get a woman ready for intercourse.

Those Millionaires (of which many are jealous of their wealth) contribute more money in a year in taxes than many posters here will pay in their entire life, never ever coming anywhere close to using up or enjoying the services they have funded, while the rest who pay very little in relation to what they receive cry about the rich and how greedy they are.
thank you. don't you know, Katz is a billionaire; that means, somehow, he is taking us to the cleaners. of course the oilers make about 100 mil a year, (which explains why the EIG sold them so fast), he is in this only for the truck loads of money, so why should we pay for anything? its not like we stand to gain from having a beautiful new facility in our city's downtown.

he is a schyster, we shouldn't pay a dime, the oilers will never leave, government should never contribute to any business whatsoever.. oh yeah, and i want the snow removed in my back alley and potholes repaired.

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