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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
No, the best isn't necessarily bilingual. We're trying to fill a hockey position, not a PR position. Please stop confusing the two and assuming both jobs MUST be filled by the same person. There are some brilliant guys from Quebec, just like there are some brilliant guys from elsewhere. There are some current GMs who may become eligible once their playoff run ends -- do we seriously disqualify them because of language??? Do we seriously say, "You're the best qualified to help the team win, except you don't speak french. Sorry." Yes, people in the Habs organization must speak french, but in my opinion it shouldn't have to be the same people whose job it is to win games. Create a PR position if necessary, hire a media guy, but when it comes to the on-ice product, hire the guy who can best win hockey games - period. If he speaks french, great. If not, he can learn, and in the meanwhile the media can talk to the Assistant GM or VP or anyone else who does speak french.

Nashville doesn't require their coach to play bluegrass; Vancouver doesn't make its GM learn chinese. No other team eliminates candidates based on a non-hockey skill. If ours is the only team that eliminates candidates for PR reasons, it means we've shrunk the talent pool and increased the odds that we've missed the best candidate.
Argue all you want, Savard, the man hired to identify the next GM has already stated publicly that the next GM will be Bilingual. Enough said as their is no need to revisit that decision.

Also, I am offended that you compare the French Canadians to minorities in other market. It shows very little knowledge of the market the Habs operate in and the market these other teams are operating in. It is also somewhat condescending of you to pretend that no bilingual candidate can do the job like the 'best man' you refer to and suppose an English uni lingual candidate....

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