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04-08-2012, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Vandalay Industries View Post
Just rediscovered this thread. Pretty funny to read again.

The national team coach decided to have a chat with Sass after the problems with his attitude earlier on in the career, and I'm sure his club coach did the same (I only talked to the national team coach about it, so I don't know what the club coach did).

The national team coach was very impressed with how Sass decided to actually do something about the attitude and by naming him captain he felt sure Sass would stay on track. Good decision.

But it's pretty arrogant by you to be sarcastic about a thing that you obviously knew nothing about.

You started out by naming him to the U20 team and you were way, way, WAY off. He didnt even make the U18 team that season. But evenso, you kept arguing instead of realizing, accepting and maybe even praise the fact that I was actually on the right track all along and you weren't...
Funny you should choose to pick up this thread and still be wrong. All I said was that Sass would have been a better option than someone like Jesper Malle, even if it would have been in a limited role as a 4th liner - a role I believe Sass' style is well suited for as a speedy crash and bang style player. I also think he has enough skill that he could have been moved up the lineup in the event of an injury. That luxury Malle did not provide. Obviously, I stand by that opinion, even if the national team coach didn't see it the same way at the time. I'm sure we can both agree that from a development perspective, including Malle in the national teams was a waste. Sass was clearly a better player at the time and Malle has quit hockey twice already since that selection.

I could add that in my opinion, Sass was better in the 09-10 season when he didn't get selected, than he was the following season 10-11 when he did get selected for the U18 WC. Still, had someone like Meyer been selected in stead of Sass, I would not have had a problem with that, but Malle has done nothing to justify that selection, before or since. So, while you may have been right in that he wasn't close to being selected, that was a mistake. Sure, points is not everything, but take a look at this list and see who sticks out as one of the few that wasn't selected for the 09-10 U20 WC:

Maybe he wasn't in the mix, but the stats above clearly suggests he should have been - if not selected then at least seriously considered.

But yeah, you are really great... I hope that makes you feel better.

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