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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Yes, moaning. Maybe you missed the original post of the thread.

20 out of 27 teams were not ranked #1 when they won the Cup. Explain how it is statistically meaningful. Statistically, you are far better off not being number 1. No, I don't think being number 2 is preferable to being number 1. I'm saying it doesn't matter.

Again, anyone who gets bent out of shape by not winning the President's Cup needs to get a grip.
Not necessarily. In order to determine whether or not #1 really isn't the best, you would have to break down the other 20 winners by their original seed and see if any of those is greater than 7.

For instance if 11 of those 20 who won were actually the 3rd seed, then statistically it would be best for you to be in the third seed to win the cup. However if none of those other team's seeds combined is more than 7, then statistically your are most favorable to win the cup by being the number one seed.

You can't just say oh well 20 out of 27 teams were not number one, therefore number one isn't the best seed to have to win the cup. All that proves is that you do not NEED to be number one to win the cup.

Edit: Clarifying, by seed I mean overall rank.


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