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11-19-2003, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by punchy1
I agree. Nice read, I had a peak at it when it came up before. The *only* rule that should have been (and was) changed was the *bench clearing brawl* rule. Other than that, I think that too many non hockey related officials and thier collective patsys are having much too much say with the game. It is obvious that the NHL has allowed the disneys of the world to try and make the game more of a *family* oriented game. The sad thing is that pro ice hockey is the original extreme game and that the NHL missed the marketing boat to truly promote themselves when it was time to do so.

This game isn't, never has been and never should be veiwed as anything other than an exciting violent war on ice where the players are not only part of the game but also have an unwritten code that they themselves inforced. It is a mere shadow if its former self and, if it is to survive, it needs to be reminded that it became one of the top games in the world because it was fast and dirty and not because it was great for kids.

But you yanks have a true problem (not that we don't, just not as bad) with the whole politically correct and enforced morality issues concerning your atheletes. I heard one say "when did I sign up to raise your children"? I think that hits it on the head. We are so concerned that we might offend a few of us that we forget that great countries like both of ours were founded under the concept that the majority rules. More so for the States in that you are (or were) a true democracy. Listen to me talk like I know it is like for you. Simply giving my opinion on it. Sorry about that. There is plenty of it to go around.
Well said!

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