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03-02-2006, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by clarkwgriswold
Kasparitis is a total coward and tonight he was exposed as just that.
He's really not. He's willing to throw cheap, dirty hits, but the guy is also more than happy to take his share of hits, and he's taken them from every player in the league including at least one from Brashear tonight. He just won't fight. Like Tikkanen and Samuelsson and many of the league's other elite pests, he'll happily turtle and then laugh when the other player is forced to the box and Kaspar's team scores on the PP. We saw him do just that.

He got exactly what he wanted out of Brashear and then laughed at him. I understand it soothes the wounded pride to call that cowardice, but it's not cowardice. It's cheap and tremendously frustrating - having had to deal with him in an Isles sweater was impossible for me - but it's not cowardice.

Originally Posted by clarkwgriswold
I wish more people had the courage of Mr. Brashear.
Come on. We can count Kaspar's career fighting majors on one hand. The guy doesn't fight, so one need not be particularly brave to challenge him. He's not going to throw 'em; he's just not. Nedved could challenge Kasparaitis, and he'd skate away.

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