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04-08-2012, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by FXBrassard View Post
Tell me where you would find that big, skilled top 6 forward that's as effective as Parise is. It's not like he is soft.

If you are that worried about size you put him with Eller.

If the next GM has a brain he will make the highest offer possible for Parise, he is a gamebreaker and we never had a offensive player of that caliber since I can't remember when.
It doesn't matter that he's not soft. He's small and we've already got a bunch of small players up front. DD isn't soft either, that didn't stop Eric Karlsson from picking him up and literally holding him against the boards off the ice for about 15 seconds.

Moreover, it's not like one more forward is going to make us contenders. It makes no sense to do this now.

Putting him with Eller makes no sense either. Why get a guy like this to play with your 3rd line center?
Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Good lord how some people could think signing one of the most dangerous players in the game could be anything but an excellent move is hilarious.

If Parise even looks our way we offer him as much as we can and don't look back.
Right. And we should bring back PG too.
Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
They've got 3/4th of a good top 4 already between Subban, Gorges and Markov. The d stunk this year but between Markov and the maturation of Emelin-Diaz they're not in that bad of a position going into next year. Just find another 2nd pairing guy at they're there already.
Maybe, maybe not. Our D could be terrible next year. We just came in last place for Pete's sake and our best players were playing pretty good hockey. There's good reason to believe that we could crash next season as well.

And any plan that includes counting on Markov to be healthy should be ripped to shreds, burned, buried and then pissed on. We've been down that road for three years now. Are we going to keep playing Charlie Brown to Markov's knee? How many times do you have to smack on the ground before you realize there's a good chance that the football is going to be pulled away at the last second?
Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
And I don't care much about smurf-ness. If a guy is good a guy is good.
The fact that he's a smurf is secondary to the fact that it makes no sense to get him now anyway as we're not at that stage yet.

As for Parise's size, we don't just have smurfs... we have two midgets. It makes sense to get some size to balance it out. We don't need to add a UFA now. Makes a hell of a lot more sense to play the year out and make evaluations next season and go from there. Just because Parise is the best forward out there now doesn't mean that he makes sense to go after. Other forwards will be available later next year and next deadline and next summer... Why do you want us to continue acting out of a sense of desperation with more reactionary moves?

We should be looking at younger prospects to invest in. Go after Kyle Turris, JVRD types. No, they aren't as established as Parise and they may not have the same upside (and might even be busts) but they're younger and we can build and develop them along with what we have. Makes more sense to do it that way and then invest in the UFA market down the road.

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