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04-08-2012, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by obey86 View Post
Please explain how it is a rivalry? Predators have never beat the Wings in the playoffs and have finished ahead of Detroit in the standings 1 time. The Predators are Red Wing rivals like the Coyotes are Red Wing rivals. Being in the same division does not automatically = being rivals. Rivalries are bred in the playoffs IMO.
I get that but from our perspective if Detroit isn't a rival then no one is. I mean we're only 13 years old, only just recently became a stable franchise and clearly don't have the history and playoff traditions of other teams. If Detroit fans don't think it's a rivalry that's fine, but from over here it is because our standards are different. We've made the playoffs 7 times and this will be Detroit for the 3rd of those 7. Throughout those years, us and the Wings have been the best overall teams in the division. From what we have, it's a rivalry.

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