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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
To be honest, I don't see any advantage there for you. First of all, just because Gilmour won't back down doesn't mean he's going to win. He'll keep coming back, and he'll keep getting slaughtered. Nels Stewart has lot of weaknesses, but he's one of the biggest forwards in the draft, and he likes to hurt people.

Gilmour's speed will help him get in Stewarts way in open ice and slow him down. He's also be able to keep the inside lanes, which prevents battles from even happening. If you just step in and take the puck before he gets it, there is no battle.

The biggest reason that this doesn't really work in your favour is that Stewart isn't really stylistically similar to most centers. The biggest problem he is going to cause is in the slot.... and it's pointless for Gilmour to cover him there. He's already being covered by the defenseman. Also, if Gilmour's in the slot, my team has a 2-on-1 against youre defenseman, which means our whole shift will be in your end. In open ice, Gilmour prevent Stewart from getting the puck much, but Stewart wouldn't get it much anyway.
This is true that Stewart's biggest strength is in the slot. Defensemen will be charged with getting him out of the slot (or mitigating his ability to get there in the first place), and luckily I've got two really strong guys at doing that specifically on each of my top two pairings in Harvey and Heller. Both will have a bear of a matchup there in the zone, but I think they're up to the task.

I shouldn't have said I'm "Matching up" Gilmour on Stewart. I'm planning on using his line against that line is more what I should have said. The hope is that Gilmour can use his speed and be a terror in the transition game, and breaking plays up there in the hope that Smith and Stewart can't set up shop in the corner and in the slot respectively. This line doesn't exactly have an excellent puck carrier (Harris was a good stickhandler so he'll be the guy tasked with doing it, and I think he's adequate here, but against a matchup with Gilmour and Middleton in the neutral zone I think I can take advantage of this), so the hope is that I will own the neutral zone and then if you get past that, that Heller and Harvey can at least mitigate the damage Stewart can do from the slot.

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