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Originally Posted by 1857 Howitzer View Post
Your estimate was a falt out lie and you were called on it by more then one poster, but you continued to act as if you were telling the truth. Also you have been in near troll mode for the past month and I find posting just to be negative and trying insight arguments to also be dishonest. This is my opinion of you as a poster and if you don't like it change your attitude or put me on you ignore list because I will continue to call out your BS as long as you continue going down this path.
My estimate was what it was. A lie? Get the drop count for the game and we'll see who was closer. In the absence of the drop count, it's a matter of opinion.

Speaking of which:

The announced crowd for the “Fantastic Finale” was 17,652, cough, cough. The Jackets rolled to a 7-3 victory, but the game will be remembered as Rick Nash’s last twirl around Nationwide in a Jackets jersey.
Wasn't there and didn't watch it, but enjoy someone else's "lie".

Thanks for being willing to "point out my BS". You really are something else.

On another topic (same article)

The problem is one of trust. It is clear that ownership is sticking with its current management team, including general manager Scott Howson and team president Mike Priest. These are the folks who made the current mess.
The worst tandem in the league. Only one organization would let them keep on their merry way: The NHL's Bengals. On second thought, I'll apologize to the Bengals. Even though they haven't won a playoff game since Lake Erie was a dew drop, at least they've gotten there 3 times in 8 years.

I've defended Mike Brown. Only the Blue Jackets organization could make that possible.

Imagine enthusiastically supporting a management team which has to vastly improve to be considered as competent as the Bengals management. I've never been that drunk.

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