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03-02-2006, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
You're missing the point. Even when Howe did not fight, his dirty play influenced the outcome on the scoreboard. Same with Bob Clarke. Same with Ulf Samuelsson. Same with Vlad Konstantinov.

The reason the score was what it was tonight was because of the way Kasparaitis manipulated Brashear through his, Kaspar's, play, so don't tell me "the game is won on the scoreboard, not by taking out star players." The runs a player takes at star players (or ANY players for that matter) effect the scoreboard. The two cannot be separated.

Oh, I'm not disagreeing with you on that acount at all, i think Kasparitis played a great game and was a huge part of the win. I just wish he would answer for the way he plays, which i view as dirty.

Again, I don't have a problem with 'dirty' play, I have a problem with dirty players who won't back up the way they play. Kaspar plays a very important role on the rangers, i just wish i could like him more than I do.

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