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03-02-2006, 11:47 PM
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Don't know your elbow from your shoulder huh?
I should be asking you that question. It was elbow to the jaw. 5 minutes for elbowing and a game misconduct. The refs who actually watch the game without their Rangers googles on saw it was a dirty hit and dealt with it accordingly.

So yea...I think i'll go by the head office.
To what, thank them for dismissing the hit. It probably cost you a pretty penny to dismiss the hit.

THIS coming from a Flyers fan???

Now THAT is hilarious!
Our team has made the Conference Finals 14 times, SC Finals 5 times since we last won our Cups. Don't really see the problem. If any of the players you've had in the past even showed up for the games, you could have actually been a good team. You had every high priced player money could be and you couldn't make the playoffs.

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