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04-09-2012, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Go For It View Post
I understand that, and what I'm asking is mostly hypothetical.

I guess I kind of see trading him as similar to the Richards/Carter trades. 1 step back for 2 (apparent) steps forward.
In theory I think they could get a similar package for Hamels as the Flyers got for a Richards or a Carter. Probably one MLB regular, two top prospects, maybe a throw-in project guy or something like that. I really don't think they will trade him though unless they are dead in the water at the deadline.

Originally Posted by Sh0otnSc0re View Post
I agree with this. But at one point you need to re-construct your lineup. I mean, we can't keep trotting out the same crap with Wiggington, Nix, Galvis, Schnider. Pierre is a solid player, but again we need a power bat that will drive in runs and make our other hitters get hit-able pitches.
I agree, but trading Hamels isn't the way they are going to go about it. With their stars aging and on the decline, I think they'd trade Worley and prospects (which wouldn't get you as much) to get a bat before they dealth Hamels. Hamels gives them a better chance to win now and in the future if re-signed. Worley is solid but he is not Hamels. They could deal Worley + for a solid bat rental if they are in contention or something like that. It's really anyone's guess. Howard could also come back and play well enough to make the situation not so dire.

Galvis (or someone who can get a hit)

That has potential if Howard is playing well. It is obvious they need hitting though, but it is not obvious how they will get it. Haha.

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