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04-09-2012, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Evil Ted View Post
Can't blame them for wanting to make money, casuals make up the bulk of people who buy and play games especially on the console.
Yeah, the competition among the FPS games on 360 is no longer a case of Halo vs CoD, other games are involved in the mix now as well. They can no longer "make the same game" and expect the players to automatically play the game. It's a fact that a lot of the people who used to play Halo a lot moved over to CoD or BF, e.g. when Reach came out I went and played with a bunch of people whom I knew from Halo 2 but had seen playing CoD more recently and they were completely clueless out there. They had gotten so used to 60 FPS, automatic sprinting, enemies dying quicker (hardcore), no vehicles that they no longer remembered how to "play Halo". The gamers' tastes have changed, they just have to adapt to them to attract the non-hardcore Halo fans into it as well and keep them playing.

The loadouts are not perks, they're always the same, you can't buy more or get more with experience nor are they always "on". It's more often a case of which loadout suits which map the best.

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