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03-03-2006, 01:59 AM
Winston Wolf
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I can't believe there's a thread on this board with this title. Its losers like Brashear that keep this team down. I agree with everything that Jester said, but I'd also like to take issue with the claim that Donald's actions were retribution for Kasparaitis' hit on Gagne in the Olympics. That is the biggest pile of **** I've ever heard, considering we've had players injured here in the NHL on questionable hits and Brashear has always made a point of NOT doing a damn thing about it. I'm not sure why this would be such a huge issue with Brashear, not to mention its only a day-to-day injury. Since when is retribution necessary for causing day-to-day injuries?

Brashear really isn't my main concern though, its that we have a coach who is willing to play him 14 minutes a night. After causing us to lose the game, Brashear shouldn't have seen the ice again, period. Even with it being a blowout, Brashear just didn't deserve to play, let alone play more than Jeff Carter who finished with eight shots and no penalties.

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