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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Was Vanek consistantly berated in the media by Ruff? No would be the answer.
Consistently in the media? I'd say "no". In general, Ruff has often avoided naming names of specific players and gone out of his way to insulate them from media criticism - sometimes in the post-game PCs, when a media member singles a player out, Ruff even downplays that player's mistake. I recall him often trying to deflect blame on 1 or 2 guys by saying it was a group effort that failed.

However, who knows how much he berates players behind the scenes - he has several times pulled players aside in practices witnessed by the media where what he says isn't heard but the players he singles out are obvious to the witnesses. It sure did seem that this season more than past ones, Ruff's patience started wearing thin and he seemed to be more accusational towards some players.

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