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03-03-2006, 04:36 AM
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Originally Posted by trippyime
A question for you then, sir:

Would you regard Kasparaitis as a tough hockey player?
Kaspar isn't that tough, but he is tougher then Brasher.

It all started when Knuble ran Kaspar behind the net, only seconds before Kaspar went after Forsberg, with a clean hit that missed. Kaspar just avoided Knuble who came after him at full speed with a high elbow.

Kaspar stood up for himself, he went after Brasher every shift and hit him atleast 5-6 times, never backing down. All of Kaspars hits where clean and Brasher backed down on the ice several times. Atleast twice he didn't go after the puck and wheren't willing to take a hit to make a play because Kaspar was on the ice. If Brasher can't stand up for himself when the puck is dropped I see no reason why Kaspar should meet him on his terms after the whistle was blown.

Whats the point for Kaspar to fight Brasher? He wouldn't be standing up for himself. He avoided one dirty hit (by Knuble), he missed one clean hit that defenitly wouldn't have done any harm if he had landed it(on forsberg). Brasher went after him(very understandable), but Kaspar stood up for himself and took it to Brasher, Brasher didn't stand a chance. Thats why Brasher stepped it up and wanted a fight. Brasher is just too slow for the NHL.

Hockey is a physical sport and Brasher can't stand up for himself, its obvious. He complains on the rules and takes a ton of penaltys because he knows he is in deep **** on the ice. Instead of saying that "Kaspar owned my *** tonight, I am gooing to go home and work on my skating" he started complaining how "Kaspar hits people from behind" ect. Donald might be shocked by the physical abuse he took from Darius, but none of thoose hits where from behind.

I don't get Brasher, Forsberg hit Nylander, nobody would ever come up with the idea of challengeing Forsberg after every whistle.

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