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04-09-2012, 11:27 AM
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I laugh that this is even being talked about as if it was a hot streak. The team went .550 in a 19 game period. That isn't exactly Lazarus rising from the dead.

To complicate matters further, the best player on that roster is not likely to be back next year.

Spinning the record post-deadline as some sort of grand victory is desperate move is a desperate management team.

For those who forget about that 2005-06 team, it should be a warning as to why keeping the status quo in management and coaching could be disastrous. Our coach was Gerard Gallant and many people took the "hot finish" (better than this year's with no trades of significance to account for the improvement) as a sign of good thigns to come the next season.

Instead, Gallant got the team off to a horrendous start and was fired to bring in Ken Hitchcock. Doug finally was axed the following spring.

I for one hope we don't get to see history repeat itself. The time for change is now, not after this management group costs us another season in the abyss.

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