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04-09-2012, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
Crosby is very much like his mentor. I absolutely detested Maryo. And Crosby is going to reach the same heights. Maryo used to think that there should be a special set of rules, just for him. Not even a game of two-hand touch sufficed. It was all no touch. Remember teh Graves fiasco in teh playoffs?

Crosby is no better and he learned from his master. Maryo whined about the Islander game, but has fielded one of the dirtier teams in the league. The Pens are a team that begged for handouts at teh time of the arena. THen obtained top-5 picks for what, 5 years? Maryo is neither Gretsky or Messier. Not even close. A great player, but far from a great. I cannot even start to talk about them, without frothing at the mouth.
Oh, man, you just beat me to it. Well put. What would one expect from the man that erected the monument to himself? Cracksby will do the same, I am sure.

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