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03-03-2006, 07:16 AM
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whew....a big win. a needed win. an ugly win, in an ugly game. some thoughts;

...our wave vs shore strategy of allowing the canucks to break like a wave upon vokoun until they tired themselves out from the sheer futility of it worked like a charm. super game from vokoun of course. good save after good save all night in all situations. bertuzzi(6shots), cooke(7 shots), carter(6shots) have to be mumbling to themselves today about how much they hate vokoun.
...we didn't really look good all night at anything. of course when you take 11 minor penalties, give them over 16 minutes of pp time, give up 17 powerplay shots alone, give them 3 5 on 3's, well it's pretty hard to look good to be honest. the huge shot count difference was mainly here. canucks had 17 shots on their 11 pp's, we had 5 on our 7.
...zidlicky is rapidly beoming a penalty taking machine in our defensive end. the reason we had to take all those penalties was because of all the pressure the canucks put on us cycling the puck though. that is one physically strong group of forwards.
...some huge hits all night made this an enjoyable game to watch. weber with 3 good hits, one of which was a real crusher. sullivan, of all people, with one great hit. now that one was funny to see. hordichuk, in his limited time, hit anyone he could get to of course. is a funny game. sillinger generally looked like crap all night, a bad pass on a 3 on 1 with kariya really stood out. yet he scores a goal on some type of garbage chip the puck ugly thing, and hit a crossbar late too. upshall plays a great game and yet doesn't get a shot on goal.
...the only goal vokoun gave up was a result of him just barely cheating off the left post because bertuzzi was right there in front. naslund caught him cheating and made the perfect little shot. the goal perreault scored ont he other end was an exact replay, hall in front, auld cheats 6 inches off the post and perreault makes the perfect little shot.
... i admit i'm not a huge fan of perreault's overall game. i will also freely admit the guy has the best, most accurate shot on this far... he's the guy you want with the puck on his stick in the low slot over anyone else, because by god- give him that shot and he will bury it. big goal last night. we had been outplayed so completely and to all of a sudden be tied 1-1 despite it, had to deflate the canucks.
...greg johnson with his best game this year. that was some more pretty wrist shot on the 2 on 1 shorthanded score. huge goal of course.
...the penalty killers played great. of course a large part of that was vokoun stopping 16 of 17 pp shots, but still the pk'ers did a pretty good job all night.

not the prettiest win this year, but one that counts 2 points nevertheless. and in the grand scheme of things, that's all that is really important

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