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04-09-2012, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by rban View Post
Im not surprised at analysts, and really, I cant say for sure that they are wrong.

Did Philly over achieve this yr? In some ways, sure they did.

Put up your hand if you:

1. expected Simmonds to get 28 goals and Voracek to get 18, effectively exceeding Richards and Carters production,
2. expected an ancient 40 yr old to come back to NHL from Russia and get 19 goals,
3. expected a third line mucker from Pens (Talbot) to pot 19,
4. Thought Matt Read the rookie would get 25 goals

Yeah they over achieved. Esp in offenisve production.

Now what are the odds that in the POs these trends will continue? Will 40 yr Jagr be able to perform in the thick of a brutal drainign series? Will Mad Max continue his offensive production? WIll Read be dazzled and blinded by the intensity?

An awful lotta things have to fall into place simultaneously.

I did expect #2 but this works both ways.

I didn't expect

1) Pronger to miss the whole season
2) Briere to play this poorly
3) JvR to be hurt basically all year
4) Bryzgalov to be absolutely horrible for 2/3 of the season.

Pronger and JvR might be a sunk cost for these playoffs but Briere looks like he'll play and Bryzgalov is the single most important piece and has been playing well. Being in the 4/5 game is exactly where I expected them to end up.

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