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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
I see no merit in discussing "untouchables". Virtually nobody's going to bother to actually analyze player strengths and come up with a plan; it's just all "We're EPIC FAIL so there are no untouchables" plus the occasional exceptions of one or two Flavors Of The Month.
It's been done quite a bit over time (I think there was a "If you were the GM thread). I had a nice, long, post about just this. Complete with my super awesome plan. Sure to impress no one. I even threw in some FA names.

Meaning? Your statement is a bit inaccurate.

While I didn't go to the level of evaluating player strength here was my plan from page 2, I think.

To the original topic.

1. Free up cap room while acquiring assets. This includes trading the captain and, if possible, RJ. Trade Methot.
3. UFA's. Sign MacKenzie and Boyce to a two year deal. Investigate what it would take to bring back Juice on a two year deal. If it's Prospal or less, bring him back. AJ is gone. Lebda, depends on what is available in the FA market for a #7 D. Russell to a two-way deal.
4. RFA's. Dorse to a three year deal. Boll to a two year deal. Nikitin to a two year deal.
5. Sign Sanford to a two year deal as the backup. Acquire a starting goal tender. Send Mason to the AHL.
6. Listen to offers for Tyutin and Brassard.

Roster makeup of "keepers".

Prospal/Huselius - xxxx - xxxx (2.5 Cap)
Huselius/Prospal - Johansen - Atkinson (5.25 Cap)
Gillies - Letestu - Dorsett (2.5 - 3.0 Cap)
Boll/Calvert - MacKenzie - Boll/Kubalik (2.0 Cap or so)
Boyce (13th forward)

JMJF - xxxx (4.3 Cap)
Wiz - Nikitin (7.5 - 8.0 Cap)
Moore - Savard/Golo/FA (2 - 3 Cap hit)
1 mill cap or less for 7th D

Sanford (1 - 1.5 Cap hit)

Around 13 million on Forwards
Around 15.5 million on Defense
Around 1.5 on backup Goal Tender

30 million entering FA, depending on what we get back for traded assets. Return assets could impact other signings on the team or dictate other moves.

Forwards I would consider on the FA Market, realizing there is little chance of any of them.

Jones, Boyes, Stoll, Kostitsyn, Hudler, Kelly

Defense, same conditions.

I would throw the farm at Suter. Carle, Oduya, Jackman, O'Brien, Lundin

Goaltenders - Vokoun, Harding

My preference would be on acquiring forwards and goaltender via trade, defense via FA.

There is your "reshape". I would consider next year a transitional year. I would not be opposed to throwing Nail to the wolves if that situation became a reality. My primary focus would be on goal tending and defense. I would get as much NHL depth as possible on the blue line. That could mean signing 3 defensemen.

Oh, one important note. My target for cap hit would be around 52 million.


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