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03-03-2006, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyndevil
Kasper did take the Flyers out of their game last night and did his job. Is he dirty? Although some of his hits are clean, we all know his intention his to knock players out of the game, so I consider him very dirty. And he is a coward. I know the Rangers announcers, coaches and fans praise him for being smart, but for once I would like to see this guy be a man and stand up for himself and not turtle.

I also saw fear in his eyes when Brasher challenged him after he tried to clip Forsberg. Someone needs to put this guy down as far as I concerned. He's one of the very few players I would say the about!
I think his hip checks are very questionable when they are so low, I for example thought the hit on Gagne was more dirty then the one on Connoly.

But truth to be told, he doesn't deliver them very often. When he hit Connolly he did it according to the rulebook, if he hadn't hit him Connoly would have gotten past him and had a scoringchance. Its like a player gooing trough the neutralzone at full speed with his head down, if you take the body in a situation like that its a big chance someone will get hurt, if you play the puck there is a big chance someone will get a breakaway.

My point is that as long as Kaspar only hits people with hip checks when they are trying to beat him wide with their heads down I don't think he is dirty. However when he goes after someone in the corners, like he did with Gagne I think its very questionable. Though he facts are that he haven't done it once so far in the NHL, and he have had a ton of oppertunitys, I honestly don't think Kaspar have been a dirty player for NYR this year and I don't think he have delivered a single dirty hit.

BTW its also obvious that you did not watch the game, Kaspar defenitly didn't try to clip Forsberg. He defenitly did not try to hit him with a hip check like beeing reported. Its actually remarkable that its beeing reported that Kaspar tryed to hit Foppa with a hip check. Kaspar tryed to hit Foppa with his chest, a normal body check. Had he hit him Forsberg defenitly not would have been hurt and Kaspar defenitly not would have been penalized.

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