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Originally Posted by naurutger View Post
Game 1 10-18-11: 5-2 Chicago (Jason was in net, Toews scored 1)
Game 2 11-29-11: 4-1 Phoenix (Mike in net, Chicago coming off a long road trip, Toews a -1)
Game 3 12-5-11: 4-3 Phoenix (SO) (Mike in net, Toews 2 goals 1 assist)
Game 4 2-11-12: 3-0 Phoenix (Mike in net, Chicago on a back-to-back, Toews a -1)

I think for the games played this year, games 1 and 3 are realistic. Both teams were not playing off back to backs; however, Jason was in the net when the whooping occurred in game 1. Toews played in all 4 games and had a pretty good one in game 3 but for the most part he has been handled in the past. Smith has proved that with enough rest, he can be a dominating force. So without a major injury on the Coyotes side, I say Phoenix in 6. Chicago might steal one of the first ones here, Phoenix steals two there, and the Coyotes second round party takes place at 8:30 on April 23.
For Success of the Yotes, Hinges on that they take both games at home, Chicago is a dominant home team, and i don't think regular season games are going to determine how this series ends up, If the yotes can stay true to their game , chicago will have a hard time. Smith also has to be ready, he is a very good goalie much better than Crawford, the tighter the yotes play the better off they are cause if it start to run and gun a bit, it doesnt favor the coyotes

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