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Gainey's legacy as GM is not as bad as people think

I am very happy that mr Molson has chosen to take a new direction and that there will be a complete change in hockey operations for our beloved team. Even though I think it is time to take a new direction, I completely disagree with how people judge Gainey's track record as the habs GM as being horrible.. As a matter of fact, I find BG's tenure as GM to be above average and when you look at every individual move he has made his good move vs bad move percentage is much superior to Serge Savard while he was the GM . I am happy we are going in a new direction because I feel like BG doesn't have the passion anymore after everything that happened in his personal life. If Serge Savard (I know him personally and he is a class act that I greatly respect as a person and businessman) indeed becomes more involved in managing the hockey managers of the habs it is scary to me..

Bob's tenure:

Horrible trades:

Obviously the Scott Gomez one is horrible.. I don't think that BG was convinced it was a good trade either when he made it.. He made a huge decision to gut completely the nucleus of the team that was in place and felt like he needed to make that trade to attract free agents. He successfully attracted the free agents and put a new team in place that got us to the ECF which is exceptional in a 30 team NHL. I am not defending the Gomez deal which was obviously atrocious.. Would the Koivu led team have gone to the ECF? The answer is who knows but there is at least a logic to the decision he had made.. In my opinion, that trade is not nearly as bad as the Chelios for Savard trade but again.. Who knows if we had won the 93 cup without Savard cheering on the bench? In retrospect, the Gomez trade is a horrible one but in my opinion not bad enough to call BG a horrible GM as many GM's have made mistakes much larger than this one.. If the Habs don't keep Koivu they needed a center and had no choice except if they would have kept Koivu

The Ribeiro trade.. Obviously another disaster! Could BG have gotten more for Ribeiro at the time? Ribeiro was obviously not in the plans.. This one is a horrible trade as well..

Amazing trades:

The Kovalev trade was a complete steal! As a matter of fact I think it was probably the biggest steal I can remember the Habs making in the last 10 years or so and BG doesn't get enough credit for that.

The Gorges and Pacioretty for Rivet deal will probably go down as one of the biggest steals in tabs history as well..

All in all I feel like a lot of moves Gainey did were pretty good.. I remember the Lang one, the Shneider one, Wiznewski and even Moore were all really good little deals that were made along the way..

BG's trading and ability to assess needs was pretty good overall.. Not stellar but better than average.. Let's not forget that he took a horrible team and brought it to 1st in the East one year and to the ECF another and left it with a great nucleus for the next GM.


Even though Timmins is responsible for the top 3 in the NHL quality drafting over Bob's regime, the final say always comes down to the GM and the GM also decides who the head scout is.. I believe the quality of the drafting for the habs is better that at any other point in my lifetime (I'm 30). Drafting has been analyzed at length on this forum and I think that everyone pretty much agrees that Gainey's team has done an exceptional job in this department. We are far from the Brown, Bilodeau, Ryan, Wilkie, Stevenson etc.. of the Savard days where we only struck gold in his first 2 years..

The weak points of Bob Gainey's tenure was probably player development which is probably what the habs need the most improvement on moving forward. But overall, there is no reason to call his management (specially in the cap era) a disaster

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