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04-09-2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
won't respond to the rest, because we're just going to go around in circles.

I think we are closer to having a contending team then you are, fair enough.

I think that Parise wouldn't make us have a "smurf team", you do... so be it.

but you're wrong if you think Parise is "smaller" than Stamkos/Sedins.

Stamkos- 6'1 188pds
Sedins - 6"1, 6"2, 187/188pds
Parise - 5'11, 195pds

unless you equate size solely to height (which would be wrong in regards to "size" as it relates to a contact sport like hockey), you can't argue that Parise is "small" without viewing Stamkos & the twins in the same light.

they are taller, yes, by 2 inches, but at the same time they are 7-8pds lighter.

if we were talking about lighter guys that were 5-6inches taller, then maybe you could try to argue that the reach factor comes into play, but at 2 inches??? give me a break.

neither of us know how these guys do in strength measurements, but in terms of dynamic on ice play and abilities to win puck battles, Parise matches up just fine with all three.

nonsense to try to suggest that Parise is "small" unless those players fit the same description, but of course, in that case, the entire "i don't want small guys" argument goes out the window.
I'm pretty sure those numbers are out of whack. I read recently that Stamkos put on 20 pounds with Gary Roberts' group. There's no way he's not 200+ pounds. He's got to weigh more than 188. I also think that Parise is probably not 5'11.

Anyways... I'm glad we won't be getting him.

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