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Originally Posted by garnetpalmetto View Post
That would be "queue the argument" and I never quite understand why people whine and moan about how "painful" it is to sit through an entire baseball game. Maybe our culture is becoming an increasingly ADD one that can't be bothered to sit down to a baseball game any more. Maybe we've lost touch with what makes baseball a good sport and rather than try to regain that we're content to use it as an excuse to sit around and gab with friends while I'm trying to score a game (it never fails...there's always some parents with poorly behaved kids or hipsters talking about braiding their armpit hair or yuppies jabbering in my ear while I'm trying to watch the game).

As for soccer, I understand it's a low-scoring game but it just does nothing for me, really. It was fun to be in a big crowd watching the Eurocup while I was in the Czech Republic but the appeal to me was the big crowd (and the cheap Staropramen). It seems to me the main reason people point to soccer as a sport that needs to be watched is because it's the most popular sport in the world - by that logic, McDonald's is easily the best restaurant in the world. Quantity does not equate to quality. I'll take a nice spring or summer, or even autumn day with the smell of fresh cut grass in the air, the sound of a pitcher throwing warm-up tosses to the catcher, bats knocking in hits and RBIs, hecklers booing the opposition, and the interminable suspense followed by the punctuated resolution of a full count to "the beautiful game. "
I understand why a lot of people don't like soccer too. It's never been popular in America, its generally low scoring and slow paced, and there are hardly ever any Americans to cheer for. Not to mention the way their leagues and tournaments work are unlike anything we have here in America (though I do really like their system). Personally, I know several people who do and several people who don't like soccer and there's always one key difference. They have actually played the game. I've found that about 90% of people who have played organized soccer at some point in their life can enjoy watching it. I've played it, and can therefore appreciate even the slow, boring games.

Now to me, baseball is not just not satisfying to watch in almost any way. First off, there's no time limit so there's no telling how long a game could last. Secondly, I feel like there's hardly ever any new strategies that can be evolved. Look at what Cam Newton has done this year in the NFL (different sport I know, but the point gets across), he's shown that you can get the option to work well, and that you can have a QB who is both a good passer and excellent rusher. I could argue out a few of my other opinions, but then this would be getting rather long. Although if I'm being fair, I have never played organized baseball or softball at any level, so maybe that's why I can't appreciate it.

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